Internet Marketing: How To Turn A Passion Into Profits

If you have an interest that you feel really passionate about, chances are you think about that interest each day. In fact, you probably spend your spare time pursing this interest — be it a hobby, a course study, a vocation or whatever. If you are an , have you thought about how to turn your passion into profits?

One of the best ways to get started is by blogging about your passion. You can set up a free blog using or and start posting articles about your subject. If you include lots of photos and informative material, your blog will eventually be discovered by others who share your passion.

To illustrate, let’s say you are passionate about camping. Because you spend as much free time as possible camping with your family, you decide to write a blog about the subject. Right from the start you can see how many possibilities there are in a niche like camping.

So perhaps, as an Internet Marketer, you see the need to scale down your niche a bit, and decide to write about tent camping. Each week-end when you and your family go off on a tent camping trip you take along the camera. You take photos of your various campsites and your family members. You start incorporating funny stories — like the first time you took your daughter fishing, or the first time she had to clean a fish. You take plenty of pictures of these events and include them on your blog.

In time your articles will cover a myriad of tent camping subjects. How to pick a campsite, good places to camp, how to set up a tent, how to build a fire, how to cook over an open fire, how to keep your groceries fresh. The possibilities are endless. And as long as each of these are filled with good information, as well as great photos and a few funny stories — readers will keep coming back for more.

In the case of tent camping the opportunities to monetize the blog are almost endless. You could feature posts comparing different types of tents, cookware, camping equipment, fishing equipment, hunting equipment — well, you get the picture.

The important thing to keep in mind when you want to turn your passion into profits is to keep the blog posts light and fun. It is okay to give links to sites selling the equipment you are talking about — but never, NEVER give your readers a hard sell. It will literally turn them off to your blog and they may never return. On the other hand, if they enjoy hearing your stories and have learned to rely on you for accurate information, they will gladly keep coming back week after week. Because of that, be sure to keep adding a new post at least once a week.

I hope these few will help you if you decide that it is time to turn your passion into a profitable business.

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