LED Lighting for your Business

owners are always looking for ways to save up on operating costs. However, one the most efficient ways to do so completely eludes them. Very few business owners consider changing the lighting in their business place as a way to cut down on expenses. Most still use incandescent lighting and traditional lighting which tends to drive the electricity bill up.

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are the world’s most efficient form of lighting that every business owner should install in his business place. It won’t only help you to save money, but it also has such perks as long operating hours and eco – friendliness.

Let’s look at some reasons why you might want to install LED lighting in your business place:

  1. Their long life. I bet this will blow your mind. LED bulbs have the ability to work for 25000 – 50000 hours. Some models can even work for more than 60000 hours. Sounds enormous comparing to 1000 – 2000 hours that incandescent bulbs do. Such a long life is attributed to the fact that they do not usually burn out like incandescent bulbs.LEDs start lowering their output levels and, as a result, becoming less bright. Time needed to lose 30% of brightness is considered as a life-span of a LED bulb. So you can use it even further if you want.
  2. Energy efficiency. This must be one of the most noticeable perks that come with using LEDs in your business. LEDs have an efficiency rate of 75% – 80% when incandescent bulbs’ efficiency is only 20%. So LEDs are the most efficient way to illuminate your business facility. The fact that they have a long operational life also means that you save time and money on replacing them.
  3. They are ecologically friendly. LEDs usage in your business will be a plus to your green movement attempts. LEDs are very ecologically friendly as they don’t contain toxic materials. This is contrary to fluorescent bulbs which use mercury and can be harmful to the environment. LEDs are also 100% recyclable.Their long operation hours also contribute to their eco-friendliness. One LED lamp saves materials needed for production of around 25 incandescent bulbs which will burn out while it’s still working
  4. They are durable. This is the reason why LEDs are also good for outdoor lighting. The lamps are made of highly rugged components that are extremely durable and can withstand rough conditions. As a result, they become resistant to any form of shock, external impacts as well as vibrations. All that makes them the best solution for lights and other forms of outdoor illumination as they are extremely weather resistant.
  5. They create no UV emissions. Some businesses operate with goods that are sensitive to heat and UV radiation. LEDs don’t emit infrared or ultraviolet light and are absolutely safe for sensitive goods or materials as well as for people. That’s why LEDs are especially popular in museums, archaeological sites and art galleries.
  6. Heating. Since LEDs have about 75% – 80% energy efficiency, this means that very little energy is lost in form of heat.Incandescent bulbs use only 20% of energy for lighting and up to 80% for heating. So switching to LEDs will allow you to save money not only on electricity bills but also on air conditioning.
  7. Immediate start up. Another advantage to LEDs is that they light up immediately which makes them especially suitable for traffic lights or traffic signals. With traditional lighting, it usually takes a few seconds for the bulb to reach maximum brightness.
  8. Mood illumination. Another useful feature of LEDs is their design flexibility. They can be used in luminaries of different forms and sizes. Also they can be dimmed individually thus creating dynamic illumination. A well designed can create the most fantastic lighting effects which may not only look attractive but also results in a mood .All these perks including high quality light and color, cost-effectiveness and durability prove that LEDs are the best lighting system for your business. For more on LEDs, visit http://jooby.eu/en/

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