Mobile Marketing Overview

Even children have smartphones today, so there’s no wonder mobile is on the rise.

Mobile has several branches, one the oldest being SMS . Many services we subscribe to use SMS to keep us posted with their newest fers and although such messages can be annoying at times, they are not too intrusive, therefore people accept them well.

One the latest smart inventions in mobile are the QR codes. QR comes from Quick Response. These QR codes allow visiting a web page only by scanning the code with your smartphone’s camera. There is an associated app which you need to install on your phone in order for this system to work. QR codes are gaining popularity especially in Europe. If you look at historic monuments or tourist attractions, you might notice such QR codes next to the name the monument. If you scan it with your phone, you’ll get information about the respective tourist attraction right on your phone. Collective discount websites also use such QR codes for their fers. After you get a coupon, you print it and you take it to the shop where you’ll get what you paid for. The shop assistant will scan the QR code on your coupon and will know exactly what you ordered.

Another method mobile is advertising within mobile games. Many players would be happy to see some promotional messages and have the game for free instead paying and getting it ad-free. Games are only an example. In fact, all kind mobile apps host advertising in order to be able to support themselves financially, while staying free for the final consumer.

Mobile communication has a great advantage: flexibility. It is possible to customize the messages according to the location the viewer. This is how, if you are in a city center and log into a wireless network, you can get custom messages about places to visit nearby your hot spot, or events that are going to take place over the next few days. This type actually genees value for everybody. If you were a tourist you probably remember how avid for information you were when first arriving into a new location, be it a city or a touristic area. Sometimes the information is very hard to find, therefore getting some on your mobile surely helps you get started in your exploory endeavor.

Creativity is at home in mobile . With smart applications like Swipely, for instance, you can get your customers join your loyalty programs straight from their mobile, by simply sending you a text message. Everything is done automatically, they are entered into your database and their credit or debit cards will be smoothly integed into the app, making everything very easy and hassle-free.

There are also mobile apps that allow es to exchange with their customers. This is very useful for restaurants, for instance, because they can automatically send reminders to customers who booked tables for certain dates.

Mobile is part our lives today, so we accepted and integed it into our existence.

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