The Costs Of Good Web Hosting

The cost of good ing differs among s. It can cost anywhere from Free to hundreds of dollars each month. Here you will learn about the different price ranges of s and hosting plans. Use this information to gain insight regarding s and help you make the most informed decision when ing the web for a .

Generally you will find five s pricing styles. First you have the free ing,then the low budget ing,the low cost ing,the semi-pricey ing, and the high end ing.Each ing style has it’s advantages and disadvantages,as well as different price structures. Let’s start with the “Free ing” now this might sound inviting, after all it is free. But having a free comes at a price, the usually offer a smaller amount of web space, and are good for only “simple needs” customers,(no databases, , email, etc.) Then they need to support themselves to supply free ing so, they charge for other services, such as: email, domain name registration, banner removal or service upgrades. Extra costs from free hosts for, yearly domain name registration fee, one-time set-up fee, fee to remove ad banners. You can expect no customer support, if you have a problem with your website. And in most cases you have to put” there” banners on your site, that will make your site look tacky and unprofessional.

The “Low Budget” ing, are similar to free hosts in features offered, and reliability and support. These s also charge a smell fee, from $1-$15 dollars per month. The good thing is they usually don’t require users to place banner ads on their sites. These sites are usually called “basic plan” or “starter plan”, and are made for a beginning web user who isn’t worried about site support or reliability.

The “Low-Cost” s are the most popular, and the most comitive group out there. As far as affordability and services offered they are the best of both worlds. Low cost s,offer a lot of features for a very low price, starting between $5-$10 per month. this sort of host is recommended the most because of the low price and they offer the best features and tools. The down side is they offer so much for so little and spend more on marketing than customer support and hardware. So, if you don’t need instant support, and a big website these hosts are the best deal out there.

Hosts that are “pricey” hosts are merely overpriced low-cost hosts that don’t have the top-notch features or support of high-end hosts. These hosts are usually from $15-$50 per month,and are the smaller s who haven’t been able to drop prices enough to come with the low cost ing crowd. Because of the price they usually have fewer customers resulting in a more one-on-one service. If you can afford them, make sure to get a reliable one that plans to be around for awhile.

Almost all s have a package to beat all , this is the “High End” ing package. If you are a users with a need for specific services or quality trained web site support staff, than this is the one you need. You can expect a high level of performance from these premium hosts. Prices can start as low as $15 per month, and go up to hundreds of dollars per month. You should expect some very professional and efficient service, with good reliability.


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