How Do You Know if Your Hotel Phone System is Outdated?

A hotel phone system is crucial to the communication of clients and portrayal of a professional image whether large or small. It is your gateway to the world, it is your link to your customers, suppliers and business associates so it is important that you keep it up-to-date. That does not necessarily mean that you should have the latest version of everything. Here is a guide on how to evaluate if your current system technology needs an upgrade.

Have you encountered a problem in the past month?

If you have or are experiencing a problem you have not encountered before with your phone system, you should consider upgrading it. Maybe your system cannot handle the bulk of calls anymore or it can’t handle your customers’ requirements.

Are you receiving customer complaints?

An effective system will make you look more professional and allow you to host an array of services to your clients, for example wake-up alarm calls. It should help you avoid customer complaints and give a way to offer customers solutions that may occur in other areas of such as your or services. They should never complain about communication.

Are your phones not ringing?

Now that is a big problem. You might be missing a lot of bookings and converting loyal customers into angry customers if your phones are not ringing. This is definitely the time to consider upgrading your phone system.

Are calls not being answered?

This problem is like the one above. It’s actually much worse as you can definitely see that you are missing client phone calls, potential sales and even potential investments. It might be time to acquire more manpower or upgrade your system to include auto attendants.

Are customers complaining about being kept on hold?

This is another no-no in your business. No customer should be kept on hold. Actually, they shouldn’t have to wait beyond 2 minutes. An auto attendant that automatically answers calls and routes them to the appropriate person or department is what you need. If you don’t have this feature, upgrade your system now.

Are you expecting a surge in call volumes?

Maybe it’s the peak season or Christmas time. Expect a surge in customer calls and inquiries. If you are in doubt about your system being able to handle these calls, then it’s time that you invest in an upgraded system.

You don’t need to overhaul your entire hotel phone system. Check what needs to be fixed or upgraded and ask your provider if you can remedy the problem. If not, that’s the time when you should consider an upgrade. VoIP is a good solution as it is flexible, affordable and you can customize it according to your business needs.

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