How to Find the Best Legal CRM

What is a Legal CRM?

First, let’s think about what a CRM really is.

A CRM, or “Customer Relationship Management” system, is a method or set of tools used by a person or to stay in touch with a . Most CRM systems use automation (computers) to handle this communication.

A legal CRM is used by lawyers, attorneys, and legal firms to facilitate communication with current and future clients.

What is the purpose of a CRM?

The ultimate goal of a CRM is customer satisfaction. If your customer is satisfied, then you have a happy customer likely to engage in some form of repeat .

A CRM can improve customer (or client in the legal sense) satisfaction by enabling customization of a services, improving timeliness of those services, and enhancing the management of all services performed by the firm.

What is included in a CRM?

Most CRMs automate the processes of sales and sales promotion, record keeping, , forecasting, and marketing.

In the legal world this more or less translates into identifying opportunities and finding new legal clients, keeping track of those clients’ records and history, and maintaining a reasonable level of communication with those clients.

A manual legal CRM would consist of papers in manilla folders in boxes on shelves in a large warehouse area. An automated CRM keeps all of that information – plus more – in a database on one or several computers. Very handy.

What features should be included in a legal CRM?

Good question. Besides the basics – like document and case management, billing and invoices, time entry, contact management, and activity scheduling; a good legal CRM should include additional modules.

An enhanced legal CRM would include modules like intellectual property management, campaigns management, marketing automation, and lead management.

A customer portal with mobile access for both the lawyer and the client is ideal, and integration with Outlook mail and calendar is a must.

Is there a legal CRM that everything mentioned?

Yes! A great legal CRM that includes everything listed, plus a whole lot more is offered in FyNSIS Legal CRM to deliver everything a law firm requires to maintain and improve client satisfaction.

FyNSiS Legal CRM is a niche system designed to organize clients and cases in SuiteCRM, and to provide 360 degree clients view from anywhere, anytime. It automates internal communication and enhances firm productivity.

SuiteCRM is built on opensource platforms (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) which are the most widely used and proven technologies available today.

How can I find out more about FyNSIS?

Easy. They have a website that covers everything in much more detail than I have here. You can request a free demo so you can prove the software’s effectiveness for yourself.

You can get there by following this link:

Have a great day!

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