Getting Attention Through Proper Web Design

When web ing a page, it is important for every web company and for every web er to attract attention to the most important events, items and contents in the site you are making in behalf a client. Fortunately, there are various ways by which you can attract the attention online users. Most web site ers will find it effective to simply change the font size the content headline. Setting the font size reasonably bigger is a sure-fire yet simple way to draw in attention. Newspaper and media companies will know this for sure. A good and experienced web company should know this as well.

Grabbing Attention through Typography

Using typography or varying font and font sizes to get the attention online users is not really a new concept. However, before you go on and set your titles or headlines to 48px or even larger, you should know a few on typography that are best generally followed by a web company. Here are some them:

Web tip #1: Highlight only what is important. Before setting a headline to a much bigger font, you should ask yourself: Is this particular part really that important? If you are announcing a 20% f sale on regular cosmetics, for example, this will surely arouse interest but making your font unreasonably huge will likely to turn your customers f. And this is something that you and your web company should avoid at all times.

Web tip #2: Consider the standard font size you use for the rest the page. This is just plain common sense: if you type everything at 24pt, then creating a 30pt subject headline might not look all that different. However, a 16pt headline written on top an 8pt text will look huge.

Web tip #3: Set standards on the use font sizes. You should have already decided with your client as to the type events that should merit an increase in the title font size, and up to what extent it should be. You and your web company will benefit from this. Once you have laid out the plan, even if your client comes running back to you and starts pleading you to announce the recent cosmetic sale at 4pt, you should strictly follow the standard pre-determined size for the particular level content.

Remember though that changing the font size is not the only way that you can modify your web to get as much attention. Playing around with your font will also prove useful. You can for example, use different fonts the same family to highlight important events (using Sans-Serif and switching to Serif for added emphasis). You can also modify the color to instantaneously grab your ’ attention. Similarly, you can change the weight and the style your font by using the bold or italicized option to make certain parts your site stand out.

Grabbing the attention your online users is not just limited to fonts. There are still other ways to change your site’s web so that it gets the attention it deserves. Here are some them:

Web tip #4: Use images. Graphics and images have always been effective at catching attention. A picture says a thousand words, as they say.

Web tip #: Change your layout. Completely changing your layout is a very exciting way to get attention, for as long as you come up with an interesting new one.

Web tip #6: Use animations. Flat images tend to attract attention. However, these days, your web company may have to ask you to come up with animation-based splash page to show f the kind pages you come up with. They generally make your site look more dynamic and interesting to the eyes your visitors. Be careful though, as you will need to think about site loading times beyond the web stage.

Catching the attention online visitors may prove relatively easy to do as stated above. However, it is just as easy to go way overboard with these attention grabbing techniques. You have to remember that if each and every line in your page is set in red or bold face and has blinking effects; nothing in the content will stand out after ll. Also, if you announce your 20% f on cosmetic site at the same intensity as an ongoing war, your online visitors will surely notice how strange, business-centered or unrealistic your site seems to be. They will learn to quickly ignore all the s you make and look for another site that is more even-handed – much to the frustration your web company.

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