Teenyoffice.com announces Quick Quote System

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Teeny Office is an all in one CRM (customer relationship management) system that has been built from the ground up. The CRM system has been designed specifically for use by travel agents and provides a full management system that covers everything from quoting to invoicing.

The Teeny Office system is fully cloud based making it ideal for agencies and other environments where collaboration is required between remote users.

The latest development in the Teeny Office CRM system is something called the Quick Quote system. The Quick Quote system is an additional module that comes as an integral part of Teeny Office. The system makes it extremely easy to build and send out quotes to potential or existing clients. The Quick Quote System has been built with speed and functionality in mind. Using this system you can compile and send a quote to your client in under a minute. This is ideal for use with hot leads and ensures that you will always get the quote out to your client before your competition. This speed of delivery shows the client how important they are to you and can often be the difference between getting the job and not.

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The pricing for Quick Quote is very competitive and the CRM system can be licenced for an unlimited number of agents for the nominal figure of just $340 per year.

One of the biggest barriers that people face when trying to move to a more efficient cloud based CRM system is the issue of migrating existing data. That is no issue with Teeny Office because you can have your entire existing dataset migrated to this new system for as little as $100 up front fee.

This means that you can have an up to date cloud based CRM system up and running in no time at all. Not only that but you will not lose any existing data as it can all be migrating from your existing CRM system to Teeny Office. Leaving this migration in the hands of Teeny Office support staff for the small fee of $100 means that you can ensure data is fully migrated to the new system. In addition you can minimise the impact on your business that moving to a new CRM system can sometimes cause. Once you have Teeny Office up and running you and your agents can reap the rewards of having a cloud based CRM system that employs cutting edge technologies to keep your staff and agents communicating efficiently.

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