My Perspective And Experience With A Home Based Business

One day I was working at my regular at a communications company, and all the sudden I just decided that it was time to develop my own home business. I had been thinking about it for awhile, but now I was making the decision to do it. I immediately walked up to my supervisor and handed her my two weeks notice.

You see, I had seen content sites, and I had been working for them some. I started to realize that I could doing this type of job full time. So, while I was finishing out my two weeks notice, I put together profiles on different sites, registering with the to be a writer. That way, I had many different clients.

Next, I started taking stuff home from my office so that I could get everything set up at home to be my office. I bought a new computer for my business, and I also got more supplies that I didn’t already have. I realized too that I needed a printer, so I went back to get that.

When my two weeks notice was finished, I was really nervous, even though I was also excited about my decision. What had I just done? However, I set out on day one to make as much money as I could that day writing content. It seemed to work pretty well, and I was happy doing that type of work. When day one ended, I had made 100 dollars. Not bad for a day’s work!

I also realized there was a lot more to setting things up, but that I had definitely given myself a good start. I registered with certain forums, and I also had to get my tax information ready. This was a big deal because you’re in charge of paying your taxes. So, what you’re supposed to do is pay taxes quarterly. I called the IRS, and I asked them questions about this so that I could get everything ready.

Next, it was day two, and I needed to duplicate my success the day before. That day, I made 60 dollars, and I started to wonder if I was going to be okay. I started noticing that since I was new and because the work was so volatile every day and changing, that I was going to have to get and a routine going.

As I did settle into a routine, I got used to working for certain clients and realizing when certain work was posted. Plus, I gained a great client that was just dead set on providing more work for the writer pool. I felt truly blessed, and I was going to make sure that I kept moving forward.

It’s my dream job, and I wouldn’t trade in my home business for anything. It has now been two years, and things are going better than ever. I tell everyone I can that starting a home business can be a positive reality.

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