Web Design: Be An Architect

Architecture is a word ten used to describe the execution knowledge-based content in . ‘Architecture’ is actually a very good term to use because when you work at developing content for your ecommerce site you can either throw it together in a haphazard way or you be very delibee about how you ‘construct’ your knowledge-based .

A Common Mistake

One the mistakes that seems to be repeated most ten is thinking your need to function in much the same way as an ebook. In this scenario the are difficult for casual viewers to use because there is so much information. Instead a few hundred words, these pages include content that well exceeds 2,000 words. The reason this is a mistake is that the casual reader is looking for quick bites information they can scan to determine its usefulness.

The eyes your site visitors act as a racecar driver looking for signs that lead them to the racetrack. If your visitor doesn’t find what they are looking for they will take the exit ramp.

How to manage significant content

The management site content should be thought as a block cheese for a party. No one is very interested in the cheese block by itself, but when it is cut up into bit-sized nuggets the cheese begins to disappear.

This is the best picture the knowledge content your website. The content as a whole presents a strong case for your online company, but it is less likely that site visitors will do much content consuming. When you can break your content into smaller identifiable chunks that can be consumed in the order interest and over multiple sittings if needed the more likely the consumer is to ‘consume’.

You can provide architecture for that allows your content to flow from one subject to a complimentary subject with easy navigational links. This systematic approach to passing along information to sample and explore is a very positive way to move your site from ‘little used’ to ‘highly valued’.


Knowledge-based content has become a key component to both as well as Search Engine (SEO). A comprehensive, yet segmented, knowledge-based article warehouse can be a strong support for your website. If you are selling a product that is defined in the article you can, and should, provide internal links to allow the consumer to go directly to your ecommerce store for purchase if they so chose. Make it easy for your customers to take information and use it to facilitate a purchase.

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