What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In case you’re wondering what affiliate is, it’s actually a lot like being a commission-based salesperson for a , only that you’re basically on your own. But really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, affiliate can be one of the most profitable things you can do if you do it t, and thousands of people t now are relying on affiliate as their main source of income.

So, what is affiliate ?

As we said before, with affiliate , you sell a ’s s for a commission. While it’s easy to compare this venture with a real sales , there are distinct differences, including:

You can promote different s in different .

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to exclusively sell one , unless if you want to. There are many affiliate marketplaces out there. Market Health and Clickbank are just two of them. If you want to get started now, sign up with those s as an affiliate and search for s to promote from there.

Market Health offers health s exclusively while Clickbank offers information s. If you want our advice, start with what you know. If you invest in forex, for example, find a forex-related to promote, like a Forex robot.

Almost all is done online.

Although you can promote affiliate s through the traditional route of meeting prospects, most affiliate marketers promote their s through different channels online: Facebook ads, setting up a and doing information , advertising on the different advertising networks, etc.

You’re not bound to any quota

Unlike a regular sales , you’re not weighed down by any sales quota. There won’t be any sales managers yelling at you or breathing down your neck to make a sale. It’s really up to you how much money you want to make.

If you’ve ever seen online advertisements on making money online, all of them are promoting systems that will help you market different s on the Internet.

As we said earlier, there are many ways that you can do affiliate . However, in order for you to truly succeed, pick only one method and don’t stop doing it until you’re earning money. Don’t switch from one method to another because that will only guarantee your failure.

That was the mistake I made. One day I studied how to market things on Squidoo and the next studied how to market things on Facebook. All of that hopping from one method to another only made me tired and frustrated with no to show for it.

Now I know better and I’m learning to patiently build 100 s in different , hoping to earn money from Google search information . It’s not easy considering that I have a full-time but there are two things to be learned here:

Having my own online properties or s is crucial to long-term success Knowing why people buy certain things is what brings sales and money to my bank account.

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