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As a business owner, You’ll not want to miss out on the additional revenue you can generate by using s to add revenue streams to your business . Displaying Adsense ads, affiliate banners and links, and developing another source of traffic to your core business are just a few of the benefits associated with ging. Once you have a large consistant flow of readers, selling advertising space might become a viable option. This will of course depend on your marketing skills and your ability to provide quality and useful content.

Setting up a new with WordPress is pretty simple and I’m going to assume you’ve already registered a new domain related to your . As well as having a web host that uses cPanel. Using Fantastico to upload and install your new is really a no brainer. It will do just about everything for you and gives pretty clear cut instructions to customize the look and feel of your new using available and Plug-Ins. I want to add that WordPress s are free and you can set-up as many as you choose. Each should have its own domain or sub domain.

Some things to consider before you begin the set up process.

1. What will you name your ?

2. What will its purpose be?

3. When and how often will I update my ?

4. How will you use it to enhance your core business?

5. Will it be seperate from your business or will it be its own business?

6. How will you announce your new to the world?

Many affiliate marketers use s as their only method of promotion rather than using conventional websites because of the ease and simplicity to update and add content without having to get into text editors and ftp programs. Their s are’ their business.

Once your is set up and you’ve decided on a name, what your target niche will be, and will it be a stand alone project or an addition to your core business you’ll want to get the word out.

Social Bookmarking sites are an effective strategy for gers. You can reach a wide variety of gers and attract an avid readership to your new . I’ve put a small list below as well as an ebook that lists many other SocialBookmarking sites.



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