Significant Ways Personal Development Transformed My Lifestyle

It was after I had fallen out of my long-term relationship that I started becoming very depressed. I no longer wanted eat, participate in any activity that involved others, and always wanted to stay at by myself. It was an ugly sensation, and a sense of overwhelming that was hard to describe to anyone else that was interested in knowing the pain I was suffering. After nearly 6 months of feeling totally empty, I finally set off on a personal development adventure where I knew I could transform myself.

While my parents wanted me to rush right out to a doctor to have a diagnosis, I knew that I was depressed. I had the classic symptoms of not wanting to eat, drink, or go outdoors. I could not sleep at night, and was totally focused on my problem, which was just a feeling of depression.

Visualizing a Better Life

My initial first step in changing the way I was behaving was to begin visualizing a better life. I knew that at one point in my life I was happy in a relationship, and knew that I could be again. In my visualization, I saw myself happy alone, enjoying life without another person to rely on. I knew that if I could be happy alone, I could be happy with another.

Changing My Diet

In my process of visualizing a better life, I physically altered the kind of foods that I ate. I developed a healthier menu, and started buying foods that were not full of sugars, fats and unhealthy ingredients. I started eating right, of at least three square meals a day, filled in with healthy nutritional snacks in between. I started losing weight and feeling much better about myself. I seemed to have more energy than when I was simply just at home depressed.

Incorporating Exercise

I started exercising routinely. I do not mean that I just went for a walk every now and then; I mean that I was working out 25 to 35 minutes every day. At first it was a struggle, where my body resisted greatly. But soon I was enjoying the workout, and saw my body transforming in front of my eyes. I am now highly addicted to working out every day and look forward to the process, sweat and results.

Going to Bed on Time

I recognized that one of the most negative impacts on my life while I was completely depressed was that I never slept. I soon realized that if I got better sleep I would be more rested, and have more energy. I set a time every night that I would make sure I was in bed – 10:00 PM – and was adamant about being under the covers on time. I have always slept in until 6:30 AM, and am now getting 8 hours of high quality sleep every night.

Just taking the initiative, and being forceful about using , has made a significant transformation in my life. I am no longer under the delusion that my life will never be better. I feel better, know I am healthier, and feeling much happier every day.

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