Search Engine Relationships To Marketing

The landscape of search engines have went through Some drastic changes over the years. Not only with Technology, but also with various partnerships Between the many different search companies as well.

You might be running your search engine queries on A particular search engine, although who is actually Supplying the results – it could be a different Company altogether.

Below, is a list of the search engines that feed your Precious keywords:

Yahoo Yahoo provides the primary search results for , Alta Vista, and AllTheWeb, and receives Listings from Marketing (formerly known As Overture).

Google Google provides the primary search engine results To Google AOL Search and also Netscape. Google also Supplies listings to Lycos, Ask, Netscape, AOL Search, and HotBot. It also supplies secondary Results to HotBot and receives it’s directory data From DMOZ.

Lycos Lycos receives the directory search results from DMOZ, primary results from Ask, and listings From Google Adwords.

Hotbot Hotbot receives directory search results from DMOZ, Primary search results from Ask, and /secondary Results from Google Adwords.

Ask Ask provides primary results to Ask, Hotbot, and Lycos. It receives secondary search results from Teoma and the directory results from DMOZ, with listings from Google Adwords.

In relations to marketing, search engines can Provide anything you want to know. If someone is Looking for something, they normally refer to the Search engines. When they type it in, the highest Sites on the engines will show – which is normally Where the visitor will go.

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