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You know what I do different than everyone else in ? I don’t bother trying to create a downline. I figure that it is much easier to find good to promote on the internet than thrive to create a downline. I don’t know about you but I hate trying to get someone into a business that I don’t know if it will be successful or not. Who really wants to hear a bunch of promises from someone who isn’t rolling in dough from their success in the program? The problem with the opportunity angle is that most people lack the congruity to pull it off.

This is why I just marketing products on the internet. With just marketing products on the internet I am able to avoid that whole dance and just focus on making money. I really like this angle of being a business man and not some recruiter. I got into marketing to create a business not to beg people to join and the way that I am now doing is easier and more profitable than walking around and trying to talk to people. I bet most people would enjoy doing it my way.

I remember all the nervousness and rejection I faced when I was trying to pitch the business to people. People hate being pitched and who wants to bother their family and friends? I just want to be successful not become a direct marketer. Direct marketing is so hard and painful to day and I’m a fairly social guy. I hate asking people for things and I bet that many of you feel the same exact way as I do about selling things to people face to face where they get uncomfortable and uneasy with you trying to pitch them.

Hail to the internet. The internet allows you to use Google search, youtube, twitter, , article sites, press release sites and facebook to market products. I look for products that people actually need and I do a ton of different types of internet marketing to promote them. The cool thing about the internet is that it is 24/7, it never closes. I have made sales while I was in my sleep. Nothing feels better than waking up to more money and it is something you never really get use to in this business. It always makes me happy.

As you can now see, network marketing is a great way to make money if you focus on products and ignore the old fashion direct sales methods. When you sell on the internet you have a 24/7 market where people are look or products all over the globe. This way of handling network marketing makes me feel more like a business person than a creep. I like that I can make money with out begging people to join my downline. I’m happy that his is all working out and I hope that you will give internet marketing a try so that you can see what I say is true.

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