Blogging And The Different Plug-ins

The best way to enhance your pressional presence on the internet is through a blog. The majority the public have accessed , many having personal ones, and find it easier to discover information all sorts through their different platforms. Thus, in order to tap this market one needs to infiltrate the blogging world – go to the public, don’t wait for them to come to you. However, a basic blog does not always have the necessary features to enhance your appearance and ensure a more appealing presentation. This is when the option plug-ins or add-ons is advantageous.

Plug-ins can be great fun to use, particularly the ones found on the WordPress. However, they can be rather confusing for first-time bloggers or ‘newbies’ as many these add-ons have complicated names which don’t always coincide with their function or do not fully explain the function. One example, which is explained below, is the Akismet plug-in.

There are two types plug-ins: the essentials and the optionals. The optionals are those which enhance the website and allow one creative freedom. One these is the Hit Counter, a plug-in which monitors or tracks the number visitors that click on your website. This is always useful as it notes how popular your website is, which pages are visited most frequently and how one can improve promotion.

There are also the plug-ins which may be considered as essential or optional, dependent upon one’s opinion. A popular one is the Google Analytics plug-in. Google Analytics is similar to the Hit Counter, however it further analyses the statistical activity deconstructing the number visits into returning and new visitors. It also indicates the time spent on the different pages.

The essential plug-ins include those involved in the promotion and maintenance a website or blog. Many them are installed automatically and additional plug-ins or add-ons are merely updated versions these plug-ins, however there are those which require initial installation. Below are the most important ones to ensure your blog is operating at highest efficiency.

One the greatest problems any will face is that spam. Spam is unwanted comments from companies trying to promote and sell . The Akismet plug-in is a standard plug-in which blocks spam or suspected spam and places it in a ‘spam’ folder which must be emptied on a regular basis.

The All-In-One Pack is vital for promotion and directing traffic towards one’s site, particularly when selling a product. The more traffic one receives the more hits you get! Furthermore, this plug-in allows one to specify the keywords and description that will show up in the search engine, which means you have control over the promotion your blog.

In conclusion, it is useful to have a blog for your however it is more complicated than merely posting musings. In order to create a strong internet presence one must be aware, and take advantage, the different plug-ins available.

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