Mobile Marketing Is The Marketing Of The Future

Mobile Marketing is increasingly becoming a huge trend right now. And no wonder; there are six billion mobile devices being used on this planet and a vast part of them are connected to the internet. There is no better way to reach a huge than through mobile. This does not mean that traditional do not work anymore, however, every self respecting marketer should have a look at the mobile market and try to make the most of it while it is not yet as heavily saturated as other marketing techniques out there.

So what is mobile marketing exactly? Once again, any key phrase that includes the word marketing is usually quite a broad subject and can simply not be explained in one article. However, any description is better than no description at all. Mobile marketing is when people view advertisements on their mobile device. You might wonder how it is possible to view a proper advertisement on a device this small. But since the rise of the smartphone, nothing is impossible anymore. In fact, mobile marketing is rising in popularity for one reason; it works.

So why should you, as a marketer, participate in this kind of marketing? The first obvious point, as mentioned before, is that it works. Since the market is unsaturated, still only a small amount of companies are using this as their main marketing strategy, you can therefore count on better conversion rates. Thus better Return On Investment.

It should also be said that some niches are better suited for the mobile ‘boom’ than others. After all, mobile users do usually not have the time to spend thinking about huge investments while on their mobile phone. Not that these situations do not occur, it is a fact though that it does not happen as frequently as the buying decision for smaller purchases. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that one can expect better ROI when advertising for things like clothes or even mobile devices.

The best niche for mobile marketing remains the entertainment and dating niche. People sometimes spend useless time on their mobile phone, which could be time well spend meeting new people. as countless apps are starting to arise to accommodate the people that like to socialize while using their phone. Dating therefore, could be a huge money maker, when doing affiliate marketing or thinking about starting a dating site of your own.

So, needless to say that mobile marketing has huge potential for those that are already familiar with advertising and know how to turn a losing campaign into a winning one. Does this mean that beginners cannot participate in mobile advertising? Surely not, it can be an even easier point to start when you take into account the points mentioned above. You should keep in mind that mobile cannot be ignored as it is expected that more people will browse the internet from their mobile device than from a desktop computer.


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