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If you like to bake and find you have more baked goods than your own family can use, perhaps a bakery is the for you. You’ll need to register your in your local town and decide what to charge for your baked goods. You’ll also need to decide how you’re going to sell your goods.


Develop some favorite one a kind recipes for breads, cookies and muffins to keep your unique and fun. You can be really creative and take a regular recipe and jazz it up with your own favorite additives.


While you’ll want to have a variety goods to sell, you’ll find that you will earn more if you keep your inventory fairly low. Don’t make so many different kinds breads that you get lost in what kinds there are. Keep it to four or five basics and perhaps a speciality bread once each week or month. Do the same with the cookies and muffins.


Have you been to a bakery lately? If not, it’s time for a field trip. First, list out what you have to sell. Cookies, breads, muffins etc. List the flavors and take your list with you. Go to several bakeries. You’ll want a fairly good sampling prices. Start at a regular grocery store and then find a regular bakery. Now, jot down each stores prices for your items on your list. Match them as closely as possible. Now go back and figure out your prices. Take into account how much your ingredients cost and your time when figuring your prices.


Where are you going to sell your ? Are you on a road side stand? How about a Farmers Market. Don’t forget small es and door to door. Local cfee shops love to have small es fer baked goods at reasonable prices. Get a feel for places to sell your goods and get to work. Consider local gift shops. County or Local Faires.


Get some cards because once people taste your fresh baked goodies they will want more. You could take orders on a weekly or monthly basis or you could have them on a mailing list. You could also have a website and pre sell your goods online and then deliver them at a later date. However you do it, you’ll have a great booming once everyone gets to taste your great goodies.


Now that you’re in , you’ll want to do a bit advertising. Use your social networks to create a fan page. Call your local Chamber Commerce and ask if they do any advertising. Put a small add in the local paper. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Spread the word and get the word out that you’re in . The more people who know the faster the word will spread.

You’re bakery will grow and grow as your friends, customers and family spread the word about your great goodies.


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